Kate Meckler And Her 101 Year Old Grandmother

I am about to visit my grandmother who just celebrated her 101st birthday. My grandmother is an inspiration for a variety of reasons. Of course it is amazing for anyone to live to be 100 years old plus. But my grandmother is very special. She has slowed down a bit for walking, but she is “sharp as a tack” mentally. Her memory is flawless! She was born in 1915 and has witnessed an incredible number of events and inventions. Think of the world wars and Vietnam. Think of the car, the plane, space travel. Think of penicillin and so many other antibiotics that are commonplace to us today. It goes on and on just like my grandmother. She complete the New York Times crossword puzzle everyday in ink. She is an avid reader. And she love the cable show “Shark Tank” and particularly Mark Cuban.