Kate Meckler On The Movie La La Land

I have written how much I loved the movie La La Land. I have watched three times now and plan more viewings. Once in a theatre and twice now on DVD. Ryan Gosling is incredible not only for his acting, but also his dancing and piano playing. Emma Stone ditto on the acting and dancing. I understand that Ryan Gosling polished his piano playing for many months and many hours a day. Overall the charm of the movie is that these stars are not really professional dancers, but rather great actors who dance naturally without “Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers” moves. And same for their singing. I just melted when Emma Stone playing
the role of Mia sings “Audition.” I understand that when Emma Stone sang this song while filming that she broke down and cried after the performance and that the director and song writer did so too! Add me to the list as the performance brings shivers down my spine. I wish I could have been Kate Meckler playing a role in the movie (crazy wish).