Kate Meckler On First Avenue Traffic Mess in New York City

First Avenue traffic in New York City from the 5oth Street to 79th Streets have a traffic mess. The Bloomberg Administration added bike lanes several years ago. First Avenue used to have 6 lanes of traffic flow. The bike lane itself took away one of the six lanes. The parking area is now adjacent to the bike lane. This parking zone effectively takes away another lane of traffic thus leaving four lanes. The might be okay, but delivery trucks generally park adjacent to the parking area. This means that most of the work day yet another lane of traffic is removed leaving us with three lanes of traffic. But there is more!!!! The three lanes that are blocked to traffic are on the west side of the avenue. The lane on the east part of the avenue allows parking or delivery trucks to stop. Thus yet another lane of traffic is blocked. This leaves only two lanes for traffic. Public busses run on the eastern part of the avenue. If there is a bus stopping this causes yet another problem. This means at times there might be only one lane of traffic moving! Ironically former Mayor Bloomberg is an advocate of clean air. I am not an expert but I imagine First Avenue air is dirtier than it was without bike lanes as cars and trucks making there way up First Avenue are moving very slowly and sometimes are at a standstill for one to two changes of traffic lights. I guess this is great for the few bikers using the bike lanes, but it is miserable if you have to get to an appointment etc. What a mess.