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I have recently posted a guest blog on a reputable real estate website. You can find a link to the article here – A Guide to NYC Housing by Kate Meckler. Please comment with any questions or thoughts you may have in response and I will be sure to respond promptly! The article about NYC Housing can also be viewed on my website here!


Kate Meckler And Baseball Spring Training

I (Kate Meckler) have been a baseball fan as long as I can remember. My father (Meckler) was a strong New York Yankees fan and I have followed suit. I started going to baseball games at 3 years old.

A big highlight was appearing on the big screen at Yankee Stadium when I was about 5 years old while sitting on my father’s lap. In addition to going to many Yankee games every season my father used to take us to spring training games. When the Chicago White Sox were in Sarasota, Florida we would go to the field downtown that had wooden stands. In those days you could get very close to the field and the players.

I remember Bill Stoneman, then of the Montreal Expos, and today a baseball front office executive. H was sitting in the bullpen area of the park chatting with his teammates. He looked up and spoke to us. One of our other trips was to Vero Beach, Florida which was the spring training home of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now the Dodgers train in Arizona (as do the White Sox). The highlight of visiting Dodgertown (as it was called) was seeing the great Sandy Koufax giving instruction to a young Dodger pitcher.

Koufax is considered one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history. So now we are in mid-February 2017 and another baseball season is getting underway, Yes. It is spring training taking place in Florida and Arizona. Pitchers and catchers report today and then in a week or so the position players show up for training. The practice games start around 1 March.

I am planning to go to spring training once again with my son. We will visit either the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton, Florida or the Baltimore Orioles who now train in Sarasota, Florida. The Pittsburgh ballpark spring training in Bradenton is the second oldest professional baseball field in America. Only Wrigley Field is older.

Kate Meckler On The New England Patriots and Muhammad Ali and the Rope A Dope

Watching the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl on Sunday was incredibly exciting! It almost seemed that the Patriots planned a strategy whereby they laid back and let the Atlanta Falcons think they were going to have an easy victory. This reminded me of the time the great Muhammad Ali defeated George Foreman for the heavyweight boxing title back in 1974. The fight took place in Zaire in Africa. The temperature at fight time was about 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Muhammad Ali allowed George Foreman to control the pace of the fight for 8 rounds.

Ali stayed on the ropes and covered his torso and face as best he could with his arms and gloves. Foreman attacked relentlessly. He pummeled Ali with hundreds of body blows. Most of the blows were absorbed by Ali’s arms and gloves. Those watching. I have read, presumed that Ali would be knocked out at any moment during the first 8 rounds. BUT, starting in the 9th round Ali took the offensive and went after George Foreman with a great fury.

Foreman was so exhausted he could hardly defend himself and shortly thereafter Ali knocked out George Foreman and became heavyweight champion of the world. Does this remind you of the New England Patriots victory this past Sunday? Very similar. The Falcons had their way for almost three quarters. But soon the Patriots took over and scored 25 unanswered points and won the game. The Falcons were mentally and physically exhausted and offered little to no resistance. The Ali strategy became known as the “rope-a-dope” plan. The rope a dope is now term used quite often in sports and business literature. In the end the rope a dope defeated the Falcons.

Kate Meckler On First Avenue Traffic Mess in New York City

First Avenue traffic in New York City from the 5oth Street to 79th Streets have a traffic mess. The Bloomberg Administration added bike lanes several years ago. First Avenue used to have 6 lanes of traffic flow. The bike lane itself took away one of the six lanes. The parking area is now adjacent to the bike lane. This parking zone effectively takes away another lane of traffic thus leaving four lanes. The might be okay, but delivery trucks generally park adjacent to the parking area. This means that most of the work day yet another lane of traffic is removed leaving us with three lanes of traffic. But there is more!!!! The three lanes that are blocked to traffic are on the west side of the avenue. The lane on the east part of the avenue allows parking or delivery trucks to stop. Thus yet another lane of traffic is blocked. This leaves only two lanes for traffic. Public busses run on the eastern part of the avenue. If there is a bus stopping this causes yet another problem. This means at times there might be only one lane of traffic moving! Ironically former Mayor Bloomberg is an advocate of clean air. I am not an expert but I imagine First Avenue air is dirtier than it was without bike lanes as cars and trucks making there way up First Avenue are moving very slowly and sometimes are at a standstill for one to two changes of traffic lights. I guess this is great for the few bikers using the bike lanes, but it is miserable if you have to get to an appointment etc. What a mess.

Kate Meckler And My 102 Year Old Grandmother

I have the most amazing grandmother. She lives in Sarasota, Florida and is in her 102nd year! She was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1915. She had three brothers and a sister. Her sister is 97, and one brother 95 survive. Another brother passed away recently at 98. My grandmother’s mother lived to be 95. My grandmother was driving a car until 100 and played golf several times a week until 94. Her mind is very sharp. She completes the New York Times crossword puzzle everyday and completes the puzzle using a pen!!!  In addition she plays Bridge twice a week and Mah Jong weekly.   It is a great inspiration to visit her several times a year in Sarasota.  She uses a computer, but counts mostly on her memory to remember to send birthday cards not only to me and my siblings, but also many great grandchildren.   And her is an amazing fact.  My grandmother smoked four packs of cigarettes a day until she was  50 years old!  She credits her longevity to walking 5 miles a day from the time she was 45 until 90.  I guess I should start walking!?

Kate Meckler On The Movie La La Land

I have written how much I loved the movie La La Land. I have watched three times now and plan more viewings. Once in a theatre and twice now on DVD. Ryan Gosling is incredible not only for his acting, but also his dancing and piano playing. Emma Stone ditto on the acting and dancing. I understand that Ryan Gosling polished his piano playing for many months and many hours a day. Overall the charm of the movie is that these stars are not really professional dancers, but rather great actors who dance naturally without “Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers” moves. And same for their singing. I just melted when Emma Stone playing
the role of Mia sings “Audition.” I understand that when Emma Stone sang this song while filming that she broke down and cried after the performance and that the director and song writer did so too! Add me to the list as the performance brings shivers down my spine. I wish I could have been Kate Meckler playing a role in the movie (crazy wish).

Kate Meckler And Her 101 Year Old Grandmother

I am about to visit my grandmother who just celebrated her 101st birthday. My grandmother is an inspiration for a variety of reasons. Of course it is amazing for anyone to live to be 100 years old plus. But my grandmother is very special. She has slowed down a bit for walking, but she is “sharp as a tack” mentally. Her memory is flawless! She was born in 1915 and has witnessed an incredible number of events and inventions. Think of the world wars and Vietnam. Think of the car, the plane, space travel. Think of penicillin and so many other antibiotics that are commonplace to us today. It goes on and on just like my grandmother. She complete the New York Times crossword puzzle everyday in ink. She is an avid reader. And she love the cable show “Shark Tank” and particularly Mark Cuban.

Inside 3D Printing San Diego

Beautiful San Diego! Today was workshop day at Inside 3D Printing and tomorrow and the next are full of seminars covering 3D Printing and Robotics. Also there is a great exhibition taking place both days. I am particularly interested in the start up competition hosted by Asimov Ventures The winner gets a $15000 “safe note.” Previous winners have gone on to raise millions of dollars including 3D Hubs and Voxel8.  There are 8 start ups competing to win the startup competition.  Inside 3D Printing just had sister trade shows in Shanghai and Mumbai.  Soon to come is Sao Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, Dusseldorf and New York.

Kate Meckler And Why I Am Buying Bitcoin

It is clear to me that Bitcoin is a good investment idea. This is not for everybody, but Bitcoin has a possible huge upside over time as citizens of the world worry more and more about the value of official currency. To a degree Bitcoin is a binary investment in that it is either going to be worthless or it is going to be worth many, many times what it is valued at today. Obviously I believe in the positive investment thesis for Bitcoin.

Online Training About To Arrive At

3Dprint.Com is about to launch its online training program.

This will be the first online training program launched online anywhere in the world. Attendees will get certificates after completing the course(s).

This will be a great way for anyone interested in additive manufacturing to add skills to a resume and or to get continuing education in a growth industry. With the addition of online training to 3DPrint.Com the site is fast becoming the number one resource worldwide for the 3D Printing industry.

3DPrint.Com also includes its sister online resource 3DPrintBoard.Com. This site has over 20,000 members who participate in a 24/7 online discussion forum.