Kate Meckler Getting Involved with 3D Printing Education

Kate Meckler Getting Involved with 3D Printing

I get asked by a lot of people – why is Kate Meckler getting involved with 3D printing?

If you don’t know about all the amazing benefits of 3D printing – you can read up here on Wikipedia.

Briefly, excerpting from Wikipedia:
3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), refers to processes used to synthesize a three-dimensional object in which successive layers of material are formed under computter control to create an object. Objects can be of almost any shape or geometry and are produced from digital model data 3D model or another electronic data source such as an Additive Manufacturing File (AMF) file…. The term 3D printing has its origin sense, 3D printing in reference to a process that deposits a binder material onto a powder bed with inkjet printer heads layer by layer. More recently, the term is being used in popular vernacular to encompass a wider variety of additive manufacturing techniques. United States and global technical standards use the official term additive manufacturing for this broader sense. ISO/ASTM52900-15 defines seven categories of AM processes within its meaning: Binder Jetting, Directed Energy Deposition, Material Extrusion, Material Jetting, Powder Bed Fusion, Sheet Lamination and Vat Photopolymerization.

Now that I spend time working on www.3dprint.com I am getting involved with developing online training courses for the site. Shortly we will introduce a range of courses for beginners to sophisticated users of additive manufacturing.

Stay tuned…

City Bike Basket Arrives

I am now associated with a fabulous new product called CityBikeBasket. Check out the website www.citybikebasket.com. This basket is made of durable plastic with a removable handle. It fits snugly onto all of the citi bikes you see in New York City including Brooklyn and Jersey City, NJ. It also works great on city bicycle share programs found in many other cities in the USA and even in Melbourne, Australia and London, England!!! Please check out the city bike basket at www.citybikebasket.com.  It will make a great Christmas present.

Kate Meckler in the News

Kate Meckler in the News

Recently, 27 East published an article about Kate Meckler and her parents — and how they are “breathing new life into a house in the Village of Quogue that has already had a second life.”

Excerpting from the article:
“The Mecklers have a daughter, Kate, who is a successful real estate broker in New York City. Her clients have included the advertising celebrity Donny Deutsch and Rachel Uchitel, whose achievements include being one of Tiger Woods’s girlfriends when he was outed as a serial philanderer.”

Kate Meckler and her parents are breathing life into a home
Real Estate projects are nothing new for Kate Meckler, of course.

According to Douglas Elliman website: “In her 14-plus years selling Manhattan real estate, Kate has been a consistent top producer in her field. She has a proven track record of selling townhouses, cooperatives and condominiums in all neighborhoods, from the Upper East and West Sides to downtown; but more importantly, she enjoys a long and loyal following of repeat and referral clients. It is clear that Catherine’s success comes from the commitment, care, confidentiality and know-how she brings to every deal. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, buyers and sellers trust her implicitly to meet their needs and orchestrate win-win transactions. “I will always be your advocate,” is how she approaches each new client. Her stellar work and staunch dedication have led to lasting client relationships, many of which have turned to friendships.”

Kate Meckler Supports the NYPL


Kate Meckler Supports the NYPL and its “Young Lions”

kate meckler uppoerts young lionsKate Meckler supports the NYPL – “a critical resource in education for the city and the world.”
The Young Lions unites young New Yorkers in their 20s and 30s who, “love literature, love events, and love the Library. Young Lions members receive exclusive access to engaging and inspiring forums, behind-the-scenes tours of the NYPL, pre-release film screenings, intimate discussions with emerging writers, the annual Young Lions Fiction Award, and more.

Membership provides critical support to the Library’s Book Fund, which ensures all New Yorkers have access to books, e-books, and other essential resources, completely free of charge.” (excerpted from NYPL web site).

Current leaders of the Young Lions include:

  • Young Lions Committee Co-Chairs:
    Elizabeth Cebron, Sloane Crosley, Rohit Singh
  • Young Lions Committee Members:
    Thomas Anderman, Amanda McCormick Bacal, Nicholas T. Brown, Bailey Eisen, Josh Elkes, Kristin Fisher, Emily Graff, Scott Grinsell, Annie Harleman, Uzodinma Iweala, Atul Joshi, Andrew Klaber, Susan Verni Lazarus, Jennifer 8. Lee, Ben Loehnen, Chloe Malle, Will Malnati, Vincent Piazza, Sangeetha Ramaswamy, Morwin Schmookler, Revell Schulte, Jessica Siebel, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Jessica S. Tisch, Cristina Alger Wang, Pamela Wasserstein.

Kate Meckler says, “It’s an honor to work with such talented people, and for such a tremendous cause.”

For more info, go to the NYPL’s web site.

Kate Meckler Supports the Central Park Conservancy

Kate Meckler Supports the Central Park Conservancy

Kate Meckler supports the Central Park Conservancy – because she knows Cnetral Park is a vital resource for all New Yorkers.

Meckler says, “Did you know the Central Park Conservancy raises over 75 percent of Central Park’s annual budget? Keeping Central Park beautiful is something every New Yorker can appreciate — and it’s why I had to get involved.”Kate Meckler supports Central Park Conservancy

The mission of Central Park Conservancy is “to restore, manage, and enhance Central Park in partnership with the public. Central Park Conservancy aspires to build a great organization that sets the standard for and spreads the principles of world-class park management — emphasizing environmental excellence — to improve the quality of open space for the enjoyment of all.” (excerpted from CPC’s official web site).

Kate Meckler supports the Central Park Conservancy because, “Central Park is 843 of the most beautiful acres you willever see, right in the heart of Manhattan.  42 million people visit Central Park every year — it’s important for all New Yorkers to keep it looking wonderful.”

Want to get involved?  It’s easy!  Just go here.